about La Guilde

Mission de La Guilde

« To support and assure the sustainability of independant Quebecois video game studios. »

Montréal and Québec are recognized internationally as the capitals of video game development. For the last two decades, this industry has generated  both cultural and economic wealth ($827 million in Québec according to KPMG). It has put Quebecois creativity on the world stage and has revitalized neighbourhoods such as Montreal’s Mile End and Quebec City’s Saint-Roch. The video game industry has become a distinct sign of Quebec, an element of our identity, a vehicle of growth and a structuring project for the future.

It is essential today to think about the future of our industry as an organic and synergistic ecosystem. In the last few years, a plethora of small enterprises, indies (independants) have sprung up on the fertile ground of innovation, creativity and digital technologies. In order to encourage the success of this sector, as well as to assure its growth and sustainability, we believe that it is time to pool our resources together.

COOP La Guilde

La Guilde regroups videogame developers as well as other creators and entrepreneurs in related domains, established in Quebec.  Its vision is to create a fertile ground for cooperation and cocreation among developers of interactive technologies in order to make Québec a world leader in video games, through the synergy of its actors. Based on a democratic structure constructed on the cooperative, non-profit model, La Guilde is endowed with the means to respond to the real needs of independent developers in our province.


Nadine Gelly

General Manager

Valérie Savaria

Services coordinator

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of La Guilde is composed of seven administrators elected among the cooperative’s producer members during the Annual General Assembly. Upto two seats may be co-opted in order to round out the Board’s knowledge in pertinent fields of expertise. The Board of Directors:

Louis-Félix Cauchon


Boréalys Games

Pascal Nataf


Affordance Studio

David Fugère-Lamarre



Christopher Chancey


Manavoid Entertainment

Andréane Meunier



Jean-François Boivin


Panache Digital Games

Ghislain de Pessemier



Diane Derome, Adm.A.,ASC


Business Advisor