Member Services

La Guilde organizes several activities to promote the success of Quebec’s video game developers. Born out a movement “by and for its members”, our cooperative is well positioned to address the most critical needs for entrepreneurs in the industry. Our members often lead the same battles separately; this observation is one of the reasons that led us to form this group.

We approach our members’ needs from the four following angles:

  • Funding: how to find it, how to facilitate access to it, and how to learn from the best practices, etc. ;
  • Business administration: from the first steps to visa applications through growth management;
  • Talent: how to find the right people at the right time, how to manage peak periods, etc. ;
  • Visibility of developers: how to maximize visibility of our products as technology, distribution channels and business models evolve.

A large part of La Guilde’s activities is to offer services to its members to support them in their endeavour, including in the following ways:

  • Networking events between developers, students and other players in the video game industry (already available);
  • Preferential rates for many professional services, notably in accounting, economic development, insurance, legal services, quality assurance, recruitment, tax credits (CTMM and SR&ED) and web sites (already available);
  • Board with freelancers and interns’ profiles (already available);
  • Group participation to festivals (already available);
  • Preferential advantages during many local events (already available);
  • Group health insurances (imminent installation);
  • Rebate program with specific shops for the members and their employees (upcoming);
  • Mentoring between studios (upcoming);
  • Knowledge database with templates and tips about different areas, notably in administration, communications, human resources, legal services, marketing, public relations, etc. (upcoming)

The main advantage for becoming a member of La Guilde is to gain access to this large and growing array of services.

About La Guilde

It is essential today to consider our future as an organic and synergistic ecosystem. In recent years, a host of small "indie" (independent) businesses have grown on the fertile ground for innovation, creativity and digital technologies.