DOKI DOKI is a music and sound design studio situated in the heart of Quebec City's vibrant St-Roch district. Established in 2015, we've been creating exceptional and innovative sound designs across multiple platforms. Now, we celebrate our new identity that is inspired by the Japanese term that evokes the sound of a heartbeat and symbolizes our ambition to create a profound emotional impact through our sound design. Our vision of collaboration is symbolized by our adorable characters, DOKI & DOKI. They represent the ideal partnership between our team and yours. Just like two players on a team, we value the exchange of ideas and constructive communication and encourage that the collaboration starts early in the project. Together, we aim to win, and our goal is to work with you to create a cohesive universe that will make your heart race. Our approach is both rigorous and authentic, utilizing creativity and cutting-edge technology. These combinations have allowed us to leave our mark on the international scene and to collaborate on several exceptional large-scale projects that continue to resonate beyond our borders. We value rich relationships, strong work ethics and the exceptional talent of our artists' work to cement our reputation. We are dedicated to achieving the highest level of audio quality, and we provide a variety of services ranging from voice recording to custom sound design, multi-format mixing and original music composition. Our three versatile studios, two recording booths and a foley studio, offer us the perfect environment to unleash our creativity. At DOKI DOKI, we believe that every collaboration is an exciting adventure. We work closely with our clients to combine their ideas with our expertise, creating a one-of-a-kind audio identity that reflects their vision. Our team specializes in the small but significant details that capture the listener's attention and evoke a strong emotional response. This meticulous attention to detail has been the key to our success, extending far beyond the confines of our studio. Welcome to DOKI DOKI, where we turn your ideas into stunning sound creations.

https://www.dokidoki.ca contact@dokidoki.ca 581-981-7681

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