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Lonely boy studio Inc. was created in November 2012 in Laval, video game designer and web and mobile developer, "in-flight entertainment" or IFE and "virtual reality" or VR. Our company is keen to design quality video games for the smartphone and mobile market, the broadband entertainment providers. Our company is now proud to justify the release on tablet and smartphone and PC of our first game "Time Drifter" a game of adventure and action. Lonely Boy Studio has a support structure for projects and game creation. Our private incubator can provide support in terms of hosting, collaboration, and funding during the early stages of life and the creation of a game. Today the majority of its video game productions via Unity 3D, our publishing platforms are Android, IOS and PC. We are looking for business partners who can help us achieve our goal of being one of the best developers and incubator of games and mobile applications in Quebec

https://www.lonelyboystudio.com/ lonelyboystudio@hotmail.com 514-268-9959

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The Time Drifter is a game whose design has really been oriented around mobile phones. The entirety of our design is centered around simple controls, playing times that vary between 5 to 15 minutes and the variety of experience from one session to the next. We also do not neglect the aspect of progression which is mainly represented by the story of our hero the Concierge. Basically, in terms of gameplay, The Time Drifter is cut in three facets In Time Drifter, the Concierge finds himself forced to go through the history of humanity in order to return to the time of the creation of the Mutant Panda. Each of the eras represents a World that players can travel through. The very first, the World of Antiquity, is an example among the 7 worlds that we created during our game design. Each World contains several levels: 10 in total (except for the Tutorial). Many dialogues will allow you to know more about the concierge and the characters he meets on his way.

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Time Drifter

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2018The Time Drifter is a game whose design has really been oriented around mobile phones. The entirety of our design…