About La Guilde

La Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo indépendants du Québec

Both Montreal and Quebec are internationally recognised as capitals of the video game developement industry. In the last two decades, the industry generated cultural and economical wealth (827 M$ in the Province of Quebec for 2014 according to KPMG) in which Quebec’s creativity shined troughout the world. This also permitted the revitalization of neighborhoods like Saint-Roch in Québec City and the Mile-End in Montreal. The video games industry has become a distinctive emblem for the Province of Quebec, an element of our identity, a vector of growth and the framework of our future.

It is essential today to reflect on the future of the sector in the form of an organic and synergistic ecosystem. In recent years, a host of small “indie” (independent) businesses have grown on this fertile ground of innovation, creativity and digital technologies. To promote the success of this industry sector, to ensure growth and sustainability, we believe it is time to gather and join our ressources.

The mission

  1. To allow the video game developer community to exchange and to structure itself.
  2. To encourage and facilitate the development of emerging studios.
  3. To support sustainability and facilitate the expansion of established game developers.
  4. To enable a stronger commercial, media, and political representation.

A cooperative

La Guilde is an organisation that regroups video game developers as well as creators and entrepreneurs from similar domains established in Quebec. La Guilde has a vision of cultivating a fertile ground of cooperation and co-creation between interactive technology developers in the hope that Montreal and Quebec a world leader in the video game sector by employing the synergy of its actors.

Based on a democratic structure and built on a model of non-profit production cooperatives, La Guilde has equipped itself to respond in a durable way to the real needs of the independent developers of our province.

A meeting place

La Guilde wants to be the place where you meet the major players in the industry, but also the young emerging entrepreneurs and graduating students wanting to find their place in the industry. For now, La Guilde holds monthly events as Happy Hours every first Thursday of the month. Finding a physical location is therefore on our roadmap.

The advantages of sharing a workspace are obvious and numerous. In addition to creating a central pole around which would develop the cultural aspect of our industry, other services will be offered such as a game testing center, an open space for game launches and conferences, printing services, an IT department, a pub to promote minglign, etc.

In addition, The Guild currently offers several services that will make Quebec a prolific business environment for creators of independent video games. Members will have access to these services directly from the intranet and can also exchange them between the members.

About La Guilde

It is essential today to consider our future as an organic and synergistic ecosystem. In recent years, a host of small "indie" (independent) businesses have grown on the fertile ground for innovation, creativity and digital technologies.