We now know who are the 5 studios who will have the opportunity to work with our experts committee!

Congratulations to

2 Igloos inc | 3Mind Games | Barnaque inc. | Shedbuilder Games | Watcha Games inc.


This program is designed to support studios in the development of their project and promote research while helping them push the boundaries of innovation and help them in bringing innovative products and services to market. Two cohorts of five studios (spring and fall 2021) will be accompanied by an impressive committee made up of experts in the field of technologies, but also in the fields of business and finance, to advance strategic development thinking in innovation.


As the world’s 3rd largest hub in the video game industry, Quebec is recognized for its great creativity and its potential for innovation. In a highly competitive context where new technologies are developing at a very high speed, it is important for independent video game studios to maintain their leading position among world leaders. It is therefore essential to ensure that new projects developed are at the cutting edge of technology.

For several years, the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and other funding programs have supported the gaming industry in Quebec. However, some of these programs require a very high level of innovation from the studios, which are not always equipped to clearly identify the opportunities in this direction.

Thus, La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec, in partnership with the CDRIN, is proposing an innovation support program through the creation of grants and a committee of innovation experts for the evaluation of projects from independent Quebec video game studios that will be presented as part of funding programs in support of research and innovation at the CMF and other provincial and federal funding programs. The idea is to maximize the studio’s chances of success.


  • Promote Quebec innovation;
  • Promote research in the video game sector;
  • Guide and challenge the studios in their research and development thinking;
    Pushing the limits of innovation;
  • Help bring innovative products and services to market;
  • Support the studios for the completion of funding requests and the financial arrangement of projects;
  • Provide financial leverage to the studios by awarding 2 grants of $ 30,000.


Five studios (ten in total) will present their project and committee members will be invited to comment.

More specifically, committee members will meet with the studios to:

  • discuss and exchange ideas for research and the possibility of innovation;
  • propose avenues of research related to their project;
  • guide them upstream in writing their request to the CMF.



Audiokinetic | CDRIN CEIM |Eidos-Sherbrooke | Épic Games ETS Mitacs Office National du Film du Canada OVA | Prompt Québec Epix Société des arts technologique Stockholm | Ubisoft | Université Laval Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue | Université de Sherbrooke Université Concordia | Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Université du Québec à Montréal

La Guilde joined forces with CDRIN because of its extensive experience in setting up scientific committees. The CDRIN will provide an ethical and scientific framework and cover the aspect of conflicts of interest, inclusion and management of intellectual property, etc. which will guide the committee throughout the process.


  • Video game studios at least 50% owned by Quebec interests
  • La Guilde Members
  • 50 employees and less
  • Game or technological platform under ideation or development


  • Support from more than twenty researchers, professors, innovation experts
  • A bank of hours for drafting financing requests and support for the financial arrangement of projects
  • 2 grants of $ 30,000

Keep an eye out not to miss the next call for projects scheduled in fall

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