$750,000 to create a financial education video game



Desjardins Group is partnering with the Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec to innovate in the world of financial literacy.. This is a huge opportunity for Quebec studios that wish to use their talent and propel their know-how.

Thanks to $750,000 in funding, a studio will be able to create a bilingual game platform aimed at reaching young Canadians aged 20–25 to develop their financial knowledge and offer them tools to support their goals.

ATTENTION : The deadline for applications is now October 25, 2021.




Recent data from the Autorité des marchés financiers indicates that a higher proportion of young Quebecers (ages 18–34) are interested in acquiring new financial knowledge, but many don’t feel well supported in carrying out the projects that matter to them. 

These projects range in type, including travel, education, leisure, telecommunications, transportation and housing. Several aspects of financial well-being can be addressed in each of these areas, such as planning, debt management, insurance, etc. 

The platform must be attractive and encourage users to return. It should help young people learn more about their financial behaviours and understand the factors that affect them. Without addressing financial issues head on, it should inspire young people to want to learn more. The fun of the game is just as important as its educational value.


The proposed creative projects will be subject to a double selection process, that is, a first selection by an independant jury based on criteria such as team quality, game originality and mechanics, business plan and marketing plan quality, as well as feasibility of the production schedule. 

Desjardins Group will make the second selection based on teaching strategy elements and the ability to adapt to security, compliance and privacy standards.

Applications must be accompanied by a community development and management strategy, the costs of which will be assumed in addition to the creativity grant. 


September 13, 2021
Call for project launch

ATTENTION : Deadline is now October 25, 2021 at 11:59p.m.
Closing of applications followed by the first selection

October 25, 2021
Announcement of the 5 finalist studios

November 12, 2021
End of acceptance of security questionnaires & personal information policy

November 15-17, 2021
Presentation of the finalist studios to the Desjardins selection jury

November 23, 2021
Announcement of the winning studio and launch of the KIKO! co-creation

Fall 2022
Project Launch

Content and security updates

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About La Guilde

La Guilde is a non-profit organization that brings together independent and international video game developers, creators, educational institutions and entrepreneurs in related fields based in Quebec. Its vision is to cultivate fertile ground for the industry in order to maintain and strengthen Québec’s status as a world leader in the video game sector through the collaboration of its players. La Guilde is a world leader in this sector and, with 245 members, is the largest group of its kind in the world.