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Edgegap gives game developers access to a global network of infrastructure providers for online games. Our fully automated server orchestration platform allows studios to control and monitor when and where servers are deployed while reducing development time and infrastructure costs.

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    Edgegap is proud to offer exclusive members of La Guilde $5000 Edgegap credits; Edgegap - Dashboard

    If you are currently working on an online game and want to accelerate your development while accessing a global network of on-demand servers, Edgegap is the solution. Our fully automated orchestration platform allows you to deploy a global infrastructure with just a few lines of code.

    Since developing an online game requires connecting players from around the world, Edgegap also provides a matchmaker to help create games based on player selection criteria. Use our no-code version that allows you to have a powerful matchmaker in just a few minutes, or the advanced version that allows you to control all aspects of game creation.

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