Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Last July, La Guilde announced the implementation of a structuring action plan that would include sustainable solutions that could be quickly implemented by the studios and adapted to their reality. The objective was to raise awareness towards diversity and inclusion issues within the industry and, above all, to communicate good practices to its members. The development of this plan was the priority of the Board of Directors.

After several consultations with experts in the field, the creation of an advisory committee and the input of various creative industry stakeholders, La Guilde is very pleased to launch the Video Game Industry Diversity and Inclusion Plan, which will guide its approach throughout the coming months. This plan includes various projects for members who will be able to commit to its concrete actions, depending on their business context, namely:

< A Charter to unite the commitment of all members >

The Commitment Charter is the first milestone in mobilizing companies to achieve their diversity and inclusion goals in the workplace. This commitment is motivated by the studios’ awareness that diversity and inclusion are issues that require change with concrete and measurable solutions, adapted to the reality of each studio. The signing of this charter is the first of many important steps towards significant change.

< Best practices and training in diversity and inclusion >

This project involves setting up an organizational diagnosis and an evaluation grid in order to adequately target the organizational challenges and the potential for progression of video game studios.

A personalized coaching process will also be available for La Guilde’s member studios wishing to establish guidelines to improve the aspects that will promote the integration of diversity. This project includes :

Online training to fight and prevent psychological and sexual harassment. A certificate will be issued to employees and employers who have completed the training.
An employee manual and a code of ethics will be developed.

A best practices guide for a healthy and inclusive corporate culture for the recruitment, promotion and stimulation of talent in accordance with this culture. This initiative aims to offer best practices and inspiring case studies that can be implemented in studios of any size.

< Accompaniment service and legal advice in matters of harassment in the workplace >

La Guilde will find an external provider to put in place this dedicated service to the video game industry.

< Community support for marginalized talent >

Incentive Support Fund to Diversify the Talent Pool
La Guilde will set up a fund to primarily support the development and funding of community initiatives to promote the integration of youth from diverse backgrounds into the video game industry.

The programs will consist of several components, including training, networking activities, scholarships and internships at La Guilde’s member studios. The success of this project is based on the development of an innovative philanthropic strategy and the mobilization of both public and private financial partners.

< Recognition of the most inclusive companies: spreading the word about the good work! >

Throughout the year, La Guilde will be sharing the successes of its members’ inclusion initiatives to keep the issue alive and to demonstrate that it is possible to provide healthy work environments, taking into account all realities. These may be case studies or awards for the most inclusive companies in the video game industry in Quebec.



For a shared commitment to promote and support our quest to greater diversity and inclusion to the best of our abilities, and to come together to cultivate the opportunities that blossom from it. We are driven by the will to develop a strong ethical culture respecting all.

About La Guilde

La Guilde is a non-profit organization that brings together independent and international video game developers, creators, educational institutions and entrepreneurs in related fields based in Quebec. Its vision is to cultivate fertile ground for the industry in order to maintain and strengthen Québec’s status as a world leader in the video game sector through the collaboration of its players. La Guilde is a world leader in this sector and, with 245 members, is the largest group of its kind in the world.