The website of is a reference in the video game world when you are looking for a French equivalent to an English word.

A plug-in (available on Chrome) will soon be available for download.
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In order to facilitate communication in French between workers in the video game industry, it is imperative that the terminology be effectively implemented in the workplace through practical tools adapted to the video game industry so that workers can appropriate and use it on a daily basis.

  • Update and enrich the terminology (with the exception of terms related to the video game industry). This will be a collaborative effort among workers in the field, assisted by a linguist who is a member of the ordre des traducteurs. By the end of the project, we expect to have created 40 new terminology records and revised 140 existing terminology records.
  • Create a web portal integrating the existing terminology and the collaborative web page allowing designers to review and suggest new terms with the supervision of the linguist AND the creation of a plug-in that integrates with web browsers, including Google chrome, Apple safari, and Microsoft Word used by approximately 75% of the industry whose functionality will allow highlighting of anglicisms, proposing terminology to replace the anglicism, allowing the choice of automatic or individualized correction.

  • Distribution and promotion of the new terminology and the tools for its implementation.

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COMING SOON: Launch of the Lexique Ludique plug-in.


What are the French translations of “esport”, “gamers” or “split-screen”? Game Words will allow users to discover the correct term to use for some of the most commonly used English words in the video game industry through a series of mini-games (quizzes, matching games, etc.). The player will be opposed to a character that he or she will have to beat in each city on the virtual map to progress in his or her acquisition of knowledge about the industry.

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