Montreal, August 23, 2021 – La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec announces that Émilien Roscanu, who has been in charge of communications and marketing at La Guilde since the spring, will be acting as interim Executive director following the announcement of the candidacy of La Guilde’s Executive director, Nadine Gelly, in the municipal election for the City of Montreal. Émilien is involved in all current projects, which will allow him to complete them and ensure continuity in the services offered to members. He can be reached for any questions at Nadine Gelly will remain with La Guilde until the election to ensure a smooth transition. 

La Guilde would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Nadine Gelly during her last two years as Executive Director. Ms. Gelly announced her candidacy for municipal politics today and we thank her for all her work at La Guilde, including orchestrating the merger of L’alliance numérique and La Guilde des développeurs de jeux indépendants du Québec to create the largest association of its kind in the world. With more than 260 members, La Guilde has been able to rely on her seasoned management skills and unifying vision to carry out various projects that have contributed to the influence of the entire video game industry in Quebec, at the local, national and international levels. We wish her the best of success in all her future projects.

About La Guilde

La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec is a non-profit organization that brings together independent and international video game developers, creators, educational institutions and entrepreneurs in related fields established in Quebec. Its vision is to cultivate a fertile ground for the industry in order to maintain and strengthen Quebec’s status as a world leader in the video game sector through the collaboration of its players. As a world leader in this sector and with more than 260 members, La Guilde is the largest group of its kind in the world. 

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Émilien Roscanu
Interim Executive Director
La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec
514-252-5007 ext. 102

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